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Hotel Lalit Ashok

Location Map of Hotel Lalit Ashok

Hotel Lalit Ashok in Bangalore is one of the premier names in the hotel industry in Bangalore. This five star luxury hotel has been a preferred and satisfying place of stay for the visitors ever since its establishment in 1971. You are likely to meet the chief Minister of Karnataka while staying in the hotel as the hotel shares its wall with the house of the Chief Minister.

Location and Architecture

The hotel is spread over eight floors and 184 guest rooms which are recently renovated and gives one taste of royal pleasures. The hotel boasts of being the first hotel in South India to be accredited by ISO 22000 Standards. The rooms of the hotel are divided into three different categories –Deluxe Rooms, Lalit Luxury Rooms and Lalit Suites. The hotel is located right next to the Bangalore Golf Club and it hardly takes 35 minutes to reach the hotel from the airport.

Facilities and Services

The hotel offers facilities like business centers, concierge facilities and a wide array of shopping options for the convenience of the visitors.

The hotel hosts a Spa named Rejuve in its periphery to help the visitors relax their senses and revitalize them.

The restaurants like 24/7, Baluchi, OKO and Sutra located in the hotel add to the grandness of the hotel. These restaurants are popular for Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Arabian cuisines among others .The visitors can have their pick according to their taste.

How to Reach the Hotel Lalit Ashok

The hotel Lalit Ashok is located at a distance of 3 km from the Bangalore Railway Station. It will hardly take you fifteen minutes to reach this hotel from railway station. To make sure you reach hotel easily you can hire a private taxi or a cab. Else, you can also travel in BTIS (Bangalore Transport Information System) buses run by the Government of Bangalore.

Address: Kumara Krupa High Grounds, Bangalore – 560001
Telephone: +91-80-3052-7777

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