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Bangalore Road Map

Bangalore is the largest city in the state of Karnataka. It also is the capital city of Karnataka. Bangalore boasts of being one of the highly developed countries in India. The city of Bangalore is connected through more than 3000 km of road network. The road map of Bangalore by Maps of India can be your guide to the roads of the city.

Tumkur Road to the West of Bangalore and Old Madras Road to the East connects the city to the National Highway 4 & Bellary road to the North and Hosur Road to the South of the city connects the city to the National Highway 7. You can take the Bellary Road to reach the popular Cubbon Park in Bangalore if entering the city from the north and Hosur Road if entering the city from the south. Hosur Road also provides connectivity to Mysore from Bangalore. These are majorly used roads of the city and are sights of traffic jams on various occasions.

The Ring Road gives access to the city of Coimbatore which is the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. The 62 km long Outer Ring Road connects all the major highways around the city of Bangalore. These include Tumkur Road & Hosur Road connecting National Highway 4, Bannergarh Road, Mysore Road among many others. The Outer Ring Road can also lead you to Jallahalli which is one of the greenest areas of the city. Ballapur road is another road in Bangalore which connects the Yelahanka Satellite Town, Dasarakalli and other important places in the city.

Bangalore Road Map

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