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Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park Location Map

Cubbon Park situated in the city of Bangalore covers an area of 300 sq km. One of the major attractions of the city, the park is monitored by the Horticulture Department of Karnataka Government.

History of Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is named after Sir Mark Cubbon who was a British army officer of East India Company and remained the commissioner of Mysore for the longest time from 1834-1860. Cubbon Park came into existence in 1870 when Richard Sankey was the general of Mysore state. The park has also been named Meade’s Park and Sri Chamarajendra Park after John Meade and Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar.

Attractions of Cubbon Park

Wide variety of Flora and Fauna

There are around 6000 varieties of plants and trees to be found in the Cubbon Park. Some of the major varieties of plants found in the Cubbon Park include artocarpus, Ficus, Cassia Fistul, grevillea robusta, millettia, peltophorum, schinus molle, swietenia mahagoni among many others. Grevillea Robusta and Delonix (Gulmohar) are some of the rare plants found in the city of Bangalore.

Attara Kacheri

Upon entering Cubbon Park you will find the Attara Kacheri standing right in front of you. This two storied building is said to be inspired from Gothic style of architecture. Built in stones, it is a red colored structure. Attara Kacheri literally means 18 court houses and is the High court for the state of Karnataka.

The State Archeological Museum

This museum built in 1876 houses a collection of some great antique pieces from the Mohenjodaro Period. There are also on display the centuries old coins and inscriptions.

Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall

This hall is dedicated to Sir. K Seshardi Iyer who was Diwan of Mysore in 1915 at the time of construction of the Hall. This hall even house a library with a collection of more than 2, 50,000 books and the library has won several awards. The library also has a Braille section for the blind people.


Among the other major attractions of the hall the Jawahar Bal Bhawan counts at the top. A train runs 1.2 km within the park for the amusement of children. There also is a Doll Museum located in the periphery of the park. A 20 million year old fossil tree is another thing that attracts tourists to the place.

Timings of the Cubbon Park

The park remains open to all at all hours of the day. However it remains a silent zone between 5 pm to 8pm in the evening.

How to Reach Cubbon Park

Though it is a landmark in itself, its location near the High Court makes Cubbon Park easily accessible. A BTIS (Bangalore Transport Information System) bus can drop you at the park with ease or you can also hire your private taxi or a cab to reach the place.

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